Entry: Wear Clean Underwear In Case of Terrorism Monday, December 28, 2009

It would almost be amusing, if it weren't so sickening, to watch the same Left-wingers who smugly stated that 9/11 was all Bush's fault because "it happened on his watch" act so quickly to deflect any criticism of Obama's lax policies regarding terrorism -- when we're allowed to call it that.

When Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab attempted to light his underwear on fire aboard a Christmas Day flight from Amsterdam to Detroit, it was evidence of a total failure of security procedures and checks. No one said this attempted terrorist attack was the Obamateur's fault, though. We mad Conservatives tend to blame attacks on the people who actually commit them, as strange as that may sound. However, Obama's Homeland Security is a joke, riddled with political motives and politically-correct attitudes. Here are the facts: the terrorist walked right onto an airplane despite being on a Federal watch list, a lone male with no checked luggage traveling one-way on a ticket bought with cash after his visa was denied in Great Britain and his own father reported him to the US embassy in Nigeria for having become radicalised in Yemen. Meanwhile security was no doubt occupied strip-searching a white-haired, blue-eyed grandma from Boise. This should indicate to all but the most partisan of Liberals that our security procedures are totally ineffective, focused on generic, random searches while actual terrorists aren't bothered because no one wants to be accused of racial profiling.

In the end, the bombing was only thwarted by passengers acting to preserve their own lives. Instead of crying about how mean we are to blame Obama's policies, how about you Liberals get your collective head out of his butt and join us in demanding he protect the country of which he's supposed to be President? Instead, Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano hit the Sunday talk shows to crow about how well "the system worked" because after the event took place, law enforcement agencies were notified with record speed. Was that supposed to be a joke? If Obama does not fire Napolitano and find someone whose approach to terrorism is proactive rather than reactive to take her place, then he will have failed America in this area as well -- continuing his so-far unbroken string. Perhaps someone who might notice a shared factor among all the terrorists we're supposedly fighting... naah, it would be politically incorrect to notice that they're all radical Muslims. Better to keep searching those grandmas than double-check all Muslims traveling alone, one-way, without luggage, paying in cash...

Instead of seeing an actual counter-terrorism approach to security, I'm afraid to consider what invasive and useless security rules travelers will be subjected to next, given that we've all had to remove our shoes ever since Richard "Abdel Rahim" Reid tried to set his sneakers on fire in flight. Make sure you wear clean underwear when traveling, just in case.


Lady Di
December 29, 2009   06:30 AM PST
It would be politically incorrect and racist to maybe suggest to check twice or three times the traveler who pays in cash, travels alone, purchases one way ticket, and has no passport or laugage. The system we have in place did not work so change the system.. do not hold those in the system accountable. And yes, to your point, my mother always said to always wear clean underwear!
Rumah Hak Milik
February 11, 2015   11:38 PM PST
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March 16, 2015   02:03 AM PDT
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