Entry: Just Say NO! to Obamacare Thursday, February 25, 2010

Today, President Obama is hosting a "health care summit" at Blair House in an attempt to convince Republicans to sign on to his disastrous health care takeover proposals. It's a trap, of course -- the entire show will be staged to present sob stories of people who purportedly died or went broke without government-run health care, which only the stinky, mean Republicans are blocking. It's utter foolishness, of course -- the Democrats until very recently had a filibuster-proof majority in the Senate, and could have passed any bill they wanted while powerless Republicans only gnashed their teeth and complained. But they didn't, because they know that only 25% of Americans want the current health care proposals to pass -- most of them hard-core union supporters, government workers, die-hard Obamaniacs and Leftists of one stripe or another.

Some say the Republicans should refuse to attend this obvious trap, but they won't. What they would do, if I had my way, is deliver the following speech to Obama and his minions. It'll never happen, but a man can dream, can't he? If someone did "man up" and deliver such a speech, I'd be willing to bet he would win any election for which he ran in a landslide.

"First, those of you who claim that we want to 'do nothing' about health care are either lying or ignorant, as you all know perfectly well that Republicans have been proposing some simple reforms that will go a long way toward making health insurance more affordable and accessible for everyone. A summary of our proposals is even already linked on your own White House web site, Mr. President. In case you merely forgot to read it, here are a few of the highlights of our health care reform plan:

1. Meaningful tort reform to stop out-of-control lawsuits that drive up insurance costs for doctors, which is the main reason they charge patients so much.
2. Eliminate the ban on buying insurance across state lines to increase competition by a thousand-fold.
3. Allow people to purchase their own health insurance, through a health savings account, instead of tying it to their employment.

"The 'party of no,' as you call us, is absolutely right to say 'no' to a government takeover of the healthcare industry when a few simple changes will allow the free market to lower costs for everyone.

"Second, that '30 million uninsured' figure you tout is a lie, too. Hey, whatever happened to the other 15-20 million uninsured people you Democrats used to weep over? Did they vanish? In any case, two-thirds of that 30 million are comprised of people who fit into one or more of the following categories:

a) young people who do not want insurance and will not apply for Obamacare.
b) rich people who do not want insurance and will not apply for Obamacare.
c) people who already qualify for Medicare/Medicaid but have not applied, and will not apply for Obamacare.
d) people who have switched jobs and whose new insurance has not yet kicked in, none of whom will apply for Obamacare.

"So you want to destroy our entire healthcare system, with which 83% of Americans are either 'satisfied' or 'very satisfied,' for the sake of maybe 8 to 10 million people, most of whom are between jobs and who will be better served by job creation than an expensive government health care takeover? You want to force all of us to accept third-world standards of care and spend hundreds of billions of dollars we don't have in the process? Well, we have only one thing to say to that.


26 Feb 2010 UPDATE: Turns out that the "health care summit" which was supposed to make the Republicans look like a bunch of mean, angry obstructionists was in fact a free national campaign commercial that screamed "vote Republican!" to anyone with a brain. Thanks, Obama! You've just practically guaranteed yourself a Congress dominated by Republicans for the rest of your one and only term.

Hat tip to The Lonely Conservative for the video highlights.


Keep The Change
February 25, 2010   10:31 PM PST
Not only no, but....
March 5, 2010   02:17 PM PST
Your right one big NO
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