Entry: A Moratorium on America Wednesday, June 23, 2010

The moratorium on offshore oil drilling Obama is still pushing despite a Federal judge striking down the original version is neither emotion-driven nor knee-jerk, but cold and deliberate. There isn't a chance that the companies who own those drilling rigs can let them sit idle for six months -- they lose millions of dollars every day they're not running. Already Petrobras is offering to tow the rigs down to Brazil and put them back to work -- and the Export-Import Bank of the United States is loaning Petrobras $2 billion with which to do it! Ex-Im Bank is (for you Liberals) "the official export credit agency of the United States federal government." That's our tax dollars going to destroy our own domestic oil industry, since once those rigs are gone and put on a new contract they will never come back.

Guess who also
invested heavily in Petrobras back in February, increasing his holdings to about $900 milllion worth of stock at the time? Our old pal George Soros -- the closest thing we have to a James Bond villain in real life. That's not to suggest a conspiracy in which the Deepwater Horizon rig was deliberately sabotaged, but Soros knew that his tool Obama would sieze upon any opportunity to shut down offshore drilling, which accounts for about a third of our domestic oil production.

A moratorium on offshore drilling doesn't even make sense. For two months we've been told that the disaster in the Gulf is all British Petroleum's fault, caused by shoddy practices and bad decisions, cutting corners on safety to increase their profit margin. If that's the case, then why stop all drilling? That would be like halting all auto manufacturing when some Toyota models had brake issues. A moratorium on offshore drilling suggests there is something inherently dangerous in the process itself -- but if that's the case, why was it right to strong-arm BP into feeding $20 billion to a slush fund to be doled out by political appointees?

Choking off our own oil supply is suicide -- it will bring massive increases in oil and gas prices, making the $140-per-barrel prices we experienced for a short time two years ago seem tame by comparison. It will drive what's left of our economy into a death spiral from which we might never recover. Everything we do, everything we use, depends on oil, including pens, furniture, food production, computers, car tires and traffic lights -- not that there will be much traffic with gas prices hitting $8-$10 per gallon.

A moratorium on offshore drilling while allowing (paying for!) our oil industry to move to Brazil does not just affect oil production, it's the end of it -- and therefore a moratorium on the American economy. If it's not stopped, it can only lead to the destruction of this country as we know it.


Friend of USA
July 12, 2010   09:37 PM PDT
»...It will drive what's left of our economy into a death spiral from which we might never recover...»

Surprised ?


That's been the Obama plan all along!!!...at least as far as I can tell.

Obama is the »Cloward Piven » candidate, ( not to be confused with the Manchurian candidate; The former is aware and a willing participant in an evil plot, the latter is an unaware and unwilling victim.)

Cloward Piven;

Create crisis upon crisis to overwhelm the system ( Insane cost of healtcare, Overflow of illegal immigrants, Amnesty for Illegals who overwhelm the welfare and healtcare system - not to mewntion the criminal system - Let the gulf spill gush for as long as possible et cetera...) and then bring change as if it is the only solution...change like socialism... or worse?...

I've been saying it for almost two years now; Obama is the Cloward Piven Candidate.

Even his connections to Acorn support this.

Acorn overhwelmed the voting system by over registration, phony registrations and so on; the system was overwhelmed , there was no way each and every suspicious thing could be caught, investigated et cetera...

Obama got elected in part by the Cloward Piven strategy ( yes I mean voter fraud ), and he will hurt the USA's economy because that has been the plan all along.

Obama is the Cloward Piven candidate.

I'd say I'm about 95% convinced of that.

Or maybe he is even more stupid than I give him credit for ?...

It is either malice or stupidity.

nahhh...I' say malice / Cloward Piven/hurting the USA.

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