Entry: Not Yet, Newt Wednesday, November 16, 2011

A friend of mine wrote to tell me that he was going to support Newt Gingrich for President, because he's a great debater and a smart man who knows history. Those things are true, and Newt does have a shot at the Republican nomination... but he hasn't gotten that title yet. I'm not ready to give up and let the Party elites and the media pick the candidate. I wrote back:

Newt is a Republican, but not really a Conservative. Sure, I'd rather see him in the Oval Office than Obama, but you can pick a random name out of the phone book and I'll say the same. He's great in a debate, but he could probably argue from the Democrat viewpoint just as well and just as passionately.

Newt has no core beliefs (except the belief that he should be President); he'll do whatever he thinks will get him and his party more votes. That includes pandering to Leftist causes without regard to right or wrong, constitutional or unconstitutional. He thinks the government needs to control global warming and health care --  not because he believes in global warming and "free" health care, but because he believes in bigger government. He believes in some kind of amnesty for illegals ("legality if not citizenship").

His bias against Conservatives shows in his actions. He dismissed Paul Ryan's reform plan as "right-wing social engineering." A couple of years ago, he backed moderate (some even say Liberal) Republican Dede Scozzafava against the Conservative in NY23, when a Conservative would have helped Hoffman get the nomination -- and then she dropped out of the race and supported the Democrat. Remember that? That was Newt's chosen candidate, endorsing the Democrat.

And as for being the Second Coming of Ronald Reagan, Newt said in a 2008 interview with George Stephanopoulos,"We are at the end of the George W. Bush era. We are at the end of the Reagan era. We're at a point in time when we're about to start redefining ... the nature of the Republican Party, in response to what the country needs." In other words, he doesn't think the Republican party ought to be like Reagan or Bush anymore; they ought to be more centrist, compromising with the Left as he did.

It's too early for me to give up on the possibility of getting an actual Conservative in the White House -- not one primary has been held yet; not one vote has actually been cast. If Newt can rise in the polls from 2% to 22% in a couple of months, so can Bachmann or Santorum.

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